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New enclosures, extractions and re-weaving connections across the Atlantic

New enclosures, extractions and re-weaving connections across the Atlantic

Land concentration and resource extraction in rural, forest, riverine and coastal areas are linked to local and globalised speculation, and to entrenched power relations. Different values are placed on life within and across territories that are the target of new resource extraction, new green deals, and capital expansion. The relations between localised capture of wealth and international, financial trades can be both opaque and brutal. Their signature is found in the long, drawn out and painful history of colonialism and clearance, and increasing pace of 21st century enclosures. The many frontiers of this advance are illuminated by social and ecological conflict. Collective resistance raises questions of dominant models of development and decision making, of our relations with land and with each other, of cultivation of effective networks within and across territories. This initiative brings together researchers, indigenous, traditional and rural communities with a focus on land justice, contested mineral extraction in Brazil's Amazon, Ireland and Scotland, and on commodity trades between Latin America and Europe.

Project Funding

University of Strathclyde Global Engagements, Scottish Universities Insight Institute, Scottish Funding Council Global Challenges Research Fund

  • Maria Leusa Munduruku, Wakoborũn indigenous Women’s Association, Tapjaos, Brazil
  • Ana Laide Barbosa, Movimento Xingu Vivo Para Sempre
  • Gehan Maceod, Galgael
  • Dorothy Graham, Galgael
  • Catherine McPhee, Skye and Lochalsh Archive Centre
  • Dara Shapovalova, University of Aberdeen law school
  • Brian Garvey University of Strathclyde
  • Mauricio Torres, Federal University of Pará
  • Thais Borges, cinematographer and journalist
  • Malcolm Combe, University of Strathclyde Law School
  • Tomaso Ferrando, University of Antwerp Law School
  • Chris Silver, journalist
  • Bobby Macaulay, Community Landownership Academic Network
  • Julia Bũsser, Society of Threatened Peoples, Switzerland
  • Ana Alfinito, Amazonwatch
  • Maria Luisa Mendonça, City University New York, Network for Social Justice and Human Rights
  • Maria de Lima, artist
  • John Loughrey, North and East Kerry Development
  • Cormac McAleer, Save our Sperrins campaign
  • Galloway against Mining
  • Bruna Rocha, Federal University of West of Pará
  • Marcela Vecchione, Federal University of Pará
  • Ageu Lobo Pereira, Association of the Montanha-Mangabal communities, Pará
  • Nucleus of the Quilombolas of da Vila União/Campinas, Amazonia
  • Nucleus of Vila do Espírito, Tauá, Amazonia

*photo kindly provided by Mauricio Torres

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